Tuesday 19 January

Minutes of the Management Committee

Wednesday 24th September 2008

Present: Bob Ayer Chairman
Hilary Ayer
Linda Boatswain
Vincent Edberg
Tony Shaw
Graham Smith
Tony Struthers
Liza Smith

Gareth Gammon, Nick Keith, Paul Molloy

1. The Way Forward for the Partnership


• Progress on discrete projects
• Helped create conditions for market square improvements
• Comprehensive website
• Successful bid application

It was agreed that there had been achievements on transport, use of the market square and town character but numbers of people interested and involved were declining and there was no representation in the key areas of environment and community.
It was disappointing that more had not been achieved on the Natural Environment and Local Products which had been the top two concerns according to the questionnaire responses.

The Way Forward

It was agreed that Petersfield Tomorrow should continue but be more realistic about what it could achieve by:

i) Focusing on a smaller number of key projects
ii) Identifying projects which would have greater impact on the local community and would successfully engage stake holders
iii) Establish a stronger connection with the East Hampshire Community Partnership

By becoming a sub-group of the Local Strategic Partnership (the same organisation as the EHCP), Petersfield Tomorrow could influence outcomes. Tony Struthers and Hilary Ayer were on the LSP Steering Group, Tony as Vice-Chairman.

Key projects would include:

1) Protecting the countryside and local heritage, including improvements to the station
2) Improvements to the area around the Red Lion and Festival Hall
3) Improving Lavant Street and its links with other parts of the town
4) Hidden Britain
5) Transport and input to the town access study

Projects could be developed on a two tier basis: key, large scale projects in conjunction with the LSP and local level projects on a smaller scale.
The Town Design Statement would be producing a list of policies on how to manage future development of the town. The draft Statement would be available at the AGM.

2. AGM Monday 27th October at 7pm, Petersfield Community Centre

The agenda would be as follows:

1. To receive the Annual Report
2. To receive the Accounts
3. To elect the Officers and Members of the Management Committee
4. To appoint the independent Examiner of Accounts
5. Hidden Britain – James Turner
6. Future Intentions / Are you interested in the future of your town?
7. Any other business

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman were willing to continue in office. The Treasurer and Secretary intended to stand down.
Graham Smith and Nick Heasman intended to stand down from the Management Committee. Graham would be interested in getting involved in Hidden Britain. Gareth Gammon was considering his position. Katherine Stagg-Macey was interested in joining the Management Committee.
Jim Cleverley would be approached to be the Independent Examiner of Accounts.
Nick Keith would put out a press release giving formal notice of the AGM and include a statement that Petersfield Tomorrow was looking for new committee officers and members.
Bob Ayer would draft a short statement on Future Intentions and share it with Tony Struthers before the AGM.

Notice of the AGM would be circulated by email to all those on the Petersfield Tomorrow database (LB) and would be included on the CFEH Interagency Forum mailing. A4 notices would be placed on notice boards around the town, to include the Library, Winton House, PCC and Rams Walk.