Tuesday 19 January

Minutes of the Management Committee

20 January 2010 at Town Council Chamber 6:30pm


Bob Ayer, Hilary Ayer, Vincent Edberg, Paul Molloy, Terena Plowright, Tony Shaw, Tony Struthers, Linda Munday (EHDC),
Tracy Chandler, John Charnock-Wilson, Jamie Cummins.


Gary Butler, Julie Butler, Gareth Gammon.

Not present

Neil Hitch, Nick Keith, Clive Shore, Amanda Greenlee, Debbie Vodden (EHDC).

Minutes from the last meeting 4 November 2009

The minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

At 3 January P2M funds are as follows:

• Current bank balance £3,850
• Outstanding expense claim to pay £50
• Funds required as identified in P2M meeting (by Vincent) £2,350

• Balance left £1,450

From previous year's ongoing expenditure

• Jan Website hosting £100
• July Premises Licence £70
• Sept Website Domain £65
• Oct Auditor £25
• Total Annual commitments £260
• This assumes no expenses for committee members.

With no additional funds coming in there would currently be 4 years of annual cost coverage.

Group updates

• Hidden Britain (Bob Ayer)

• Town Character (Vincent Edberg)

• Retail & Business (Gareth Gammon)

• Local Transport (Tony Shaw)

Lavant Street (Progress Report)

Environmental Projects



Date of next meeting

Next meeting Monday 8th March at 6.15pm.