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Tuesday 19 January

Petersfield Town Partnership

Minutes – Management Committee 19 October 2010



• Bob Ayer – Chairman
• Gary Butler – Treasurer
• Hilary Ayer
• Tony Struthers.


• Terena Plowright – Vice Chairman
• Nick Keith – Public Relations Officer
• Tracy Chandler
• Amanda Greenlee

Not Present

• Vincent Edberg (Town Character)

Note: There was a meeting of the EH Environment Network (EHEN) the same evening. Bob, Hilary and Tony donned fast shoes to make the start of that meeting and so join Tracy and Amanda.

Minutes from last meeting 28 July 2010

• The minutes of the meeting 28 July 2010 were accepted

Treasurer’s Report

• The Treasurer’s Spend Analysis dated 19/10 for the period 1/8/10 to 30/9/10 and the Transaction Detail to the year end 2009/10 (31/7) was received.
• The closing bank balance at 30/9/2010 was £3,416.01.
• Project Groups are reminded that the Treasurer (and the Management Committee) have to have sight of any contracts before they are agreed in future with any suppliers, and also copies of any existing contracts.
• The cheque signatories (Gary Butler, Bob Ayer and Amanda Greenlee) need to complete the bank form provided ASAP.
• A cheque value £200 from EHDC in favour of the BAP Project was received but has been returned as the payee was Petersfield Tomorrow rather than Petersfield Town Partnership.

Group Updates

Town Character

EHDC have agreed the ‘editorial’ changes to the TDS resulting from the conversion process. Tony will meet with Navigate Design on 20/10 to share the agreed changes with them and will ascertain the exact cost of this work.
It was agreed that there would be a short print run of a maximum 20 copies for important depositories such as the Library and the Town Council and personal copies for members of the TDS Project.


The Greening Campaign is holding an Introductory Event at 7.30pm 2nd November at St Peters’ Hall Petersfield to introduce the Greening Campaign Adaptation Toolkit.
Speakers will include Christine Seaward from HCC.
A Press Release has been drafted and more detailed information is available from



30 people in the Square completed the Questionnaire and Ramswalk and 18 people supplied contact details to either go on the mailing list or help out at a future date. (It was very cold).
One person offered to take some of the surveys to QE Park at the weekend.
Jamie, Rotherlands Conservation Group took 105 copies to be handed out at Sheet school with next weeks Friday newsletter.
A shorter version of the questionnaire has been posted on to survey monkey and Petersfield Infants and Herne Juniors will be asked if they would put the link on to their weekly newsletters. The link has been published on the P2M website.


See earlier note regarding funding from Martin Healey EHDC.
The BAP Group are considering other funding streams and justification for funding


A draft mission statement for leaflet is available for comment.
There is a suggestion that TPS could design a logo for the leaflet.


A small event and a larger event have been suggested- for instance a stall in Rams Walk and an event to involve all green and nature groups in Petersfield. Ongoing discussions.

Water Meadows

A meeting with EHDC was set up by Councillor Julie Butler at Penns Place on 18 October to see what support the District Council could give for Greening Petersfield's wish to set up a Community Garden growing food. Tracy Chandler and Amanda Greenlee attended, as did the Town Clerk.
It was accepted that the Water Meadows by Tesco had too many potential risks to be underwritten by EHDC so other possible sites were discussed.  Chris Paterson offered to draw up a list of possible sites by the end of November.  Greening Petersfield would then visit these and decide if any were suitable.  It was also suggested that we approach Drum Housing to see if there was any potential land they had that might be suitable. There was discussion on the length of lease that we would want, and the size of land.  We felt that up to an acre would be a good point of reference and even a short lease would show not only what we could achieve but demonstrate the support for such a venture within the town. Although Hampshire County Council also have land within Petersfield and we have contacted them on this it was felt that we could not anticipate an answer soon.
We felt this was a fruitful meeting and we thank those members of P2M who recommended approaching EHDC directly.  This has been a contorted process but consultation of the public has shown support for a Community Garden within the town even if the proposed site is no longer considered viable.

{Post meeting note: The relationship between Greening Petersfield and P2M is unclear).

Hidden Britain

The Hidden Britain Group’s projects are complete except for the Signage project that is a long-term project dependent on the Town Access Study. There is a report including the Town Access Studies coming to the next meeting of the EHDC Cabinet.
The Virtual Tour (VT) has been incorporated into the Visit Petersfield website and has been populated with some non-commercial hotspots. Bob has created a hotspot for the Open Air Pool to which additional photos are waited.
It was learned yesterday that the VT is being sold after which Sal Cardu will have a Licence for its use. It is understood that the agreement will require Sal to pay the new owners for the use of each hotspot. It is anticipated that Sal will charge an administration charge for the non-commercial hotspots. It is hoped that this will be a 1-off payment of some £25 but this is not yet agreed and is subject to the terms of the new Company.


• None

Date of next meeting

• Wednesday 19th January 1830.