Tuesday 19 January

Minutes of the Management Committee

16 September 2009 at Winton House 6:15pm


Bob Ayer, Gary Butler, Vincent Edberg, Gareth Gammon, Paul Molloy, Tony Shaw, Tony Struthers, Linda Munday (EHDC), Debbie Vodden (EHDC), Penny Young (TIC).


Hilary Ayer, Nick Keith, Graham Smith

Minutes from the last meeting 12 May

The minutes of the meeting on 12th May 2009 were accepted,
(The intended meeting on 15th July was cancelled.)

Project Funding – Cost and Identify potential projects (especially LABGI)

Potential projects for early funding were discussed.

It was agreed to take forward and submit to LABGI & Collabor8 all the costed projects in the ‘tourism action plan’ tabled by James Turner (Hidden Britain SE). The completion dates for Mapboards (2A) and Map & Guide (in and around Petersfield) (2B) was changed to April 2010.

It was agreed that the following Recommendations from the Final Draft TDS would be taken forward:

• 11.1.1 Lavant Street.

‘Undertake a study and appraisal of Lavant Street, in partnership with local retailers and businesses. Develop proposals to improve signage, car parking, landscaping and shop fronts, to encourage visitors, make it pedestrian friendly and develop retail activity.’

Tony Struthers tabled an initial brief for a ‘Scoping Study’ to be prepared by a consultant. The next stage is to determine and agree the scope of the Study. Such a study is likely to cost up to £2.5K.

• 7.6.5 Commercial and Industrial Area

‘Prepare a management plan with suitable signage and facilities for traffic, parking and cycling.’
‘Investigate the provision of “starter” industrial units to encourage local small businesses.’
‘Prepare a brief for the infrastructure required for Buckmore Farm and seek appropriate funding to develop this key site.’ [This recommendation may not be included in this 1st phase. It is important that it doesn’t just sit there. EHDC is requested to give it early consideration.]

Other Projects

• 7.1.6 Conservation Area

‘Ensure that where the streetscape has been improved with new paving flags, that these are reinstated and replaced when damaged, so that the appearance of the Town Centre is enhanced.’
‘Undertake improvements to pavements and street furniture, as part of a continuous maintenance programme to enhance the Conservation Area.’

It was agreed to have an early discussion with HCC on these recommendations. The existing scheme is deteriorating. Linda agreed to invite HCC to a meeting with P2M to ascertain if the Town Access Study will address these issues and the budget provision for this work.

• Retail & Business

Gareth is preparing a list with actions for consideration foe early funding. This list will be shared so that it can be prioritized for early funding.
Funding Actions
It was agreed that P2M approach Collabor8 to seek match funding.
It was agreed that P2M approach other funders as required.

Community Issues

The list of community/Social issues was discussed and consideration given to re-constituting a Project Group. It was agreed that the Community Strategy should form the basis of work in this area. Linda M will set up meetings with community groups to take these issues forward. Bob will share P2M’s earlier work with Linda including that done by Andy Owen.

Group updates

Town Character (Vincent Edberg)

The stall at the recent Petersfield Festivities was successful and positive feedback and appreciation was received. Vincent outlined the next steps following the production of the Final Draft. It was agreed to fund a post consultation professional edit of the TDS leading to a small print run. It is estimated that the total cost of these will be less than £2000 plus VAT. It was agreed that this amount be included in the P2M Budget. It was suggested that external funding for this not be discounted.

Local Transport (Tony Shaw)

Tony Shaw tabled his report update (previously circulated). The meeting thanked Tony for his continued pressure leading to the imminent Forecourt Lighting at the Station. Linda agreed to seek a meeting with HCC to discuss issues arising.


The Bank balance stands at £3853.02. (Some £2,350 allocated earlier in the meeting). Paul to contact Business Banking to arrange for statements to be addressed to Gary in future.


The AGM will be held early in 2010 in conjunction with a ‘Relaunch Event’ to consider the way ahead and to renew our active volunteer base.

Date of next meeting

Wednesday 4th November at 1830 venue to be confirmed.