Tuesday 19 January

Minutes of the Management Committee

10 March 2009 at Town Council Chamber 6:15pm



Gary Butler, Julie Butler, Gareth Gammon, Paul Molloy, Tony Shaw, Graham Smith, Tony Struthers


Bob Ayer, Hilary Ayer

Chairman and Secretary

In their absence, Tony Struthers undertook both tasks.

Minutes of the previous minutes 27 January 2009

These were agreed

Group Updates

Town Character

In the absence of the chairman, Tony Struthers reported on the successful exhibition of the Town Design Statement (TDS) held on 14 February 09 at the library, which had been attended by about 130 persons. Publicity through the press had been excellent and the feedback very positive. He would be doing presentations on it to U3A (11 March), the Petersfield Society (18 March) and to the Town Meeting of the Petersfield Town Council on 30 March. It was hoped then to finalise a draft for the EHDC Policy Planning Panel by late June or July and for the formal consultation by EHDC to take place in the Autumn, prior to its adoption.

There was a discussion about the budget needs for this project and the need for the Town Character Group to prepare and submit a forward budget for 2009/10 taking account of the printing and publicity needs of the TDS. It was felt that most of the material could be available on-line in PDF format, but that there would need to be a limited number of printed copies for reference purposes. This all needed to be costed by the next meeting of the Management Committee.

Action - Vincent Edberg

Retail and Business

Gareth Gammon reported that he was unclear whether EHDC was still holding funds from the Town’s Economic Development post and wondered whether any such funds were available. In addition, he had been involved in discussions with Anne Harrison, HCC and that it was evident that Petersfield needed to ensure that it has access to funding from SEEDA and HCC and that other market towns had been successful in this respect in the past. He felt that there was a need for a meeting between EHDC, HCC and SEEDA including P2M members to explore this further and to identify projects that could be funded and taken forward.

Action - Natalie Brahma-Pearl, EHDC

Woolworths - the empty retail, store seemed unlikely to be sold/re-assigned in the near future. Deloittes were handling the property portfolio on behalf of the Administrator and the meeting felt that it would be useful to explore with them the possibilities that might be available to the town. It was agreed that this could be taken forward initially by the Town Clerk, PTC.

Action - Town Clerk, Petersfield Town Council

Festivals - there had been very positive feedback from those attending a meeting arranged by EHDC to consider the outcomes of the Xmas Festivities. The Railway 150 Committee were arranging an event on Easter Monday, it was not known whether the Food Festival was going ahead again.


Tony Shaw reported that Network Rail had made some limited improvements to the pedestrian bridge but that he was still awaiting the installation of better lighting at the Railway Station which had been promised.
He had completed his survey of bus information and submitted it to HCC.
There was no further news of HCC’s Transport Access Study of Petersfield although this was due to be completed by summer 2010. It was commented that the TDS contained a large number of cycling, traffic and parking recommendations which would need to be discussed with HCC. We would need assistance from EHDC in engaging HCC in these issues and taking them forward.

Action - EHDC and HCC

Employment and Training

This group had now stood down.

Natural Environment

No report.

Hidden Britain

The group’s next meeting will be on Thursday 12 March. It would be focussing on its action plan and a series of discrete projects.


It was agreed that the budgetary year would be the financial year from April 2009 - April 2010 and that there needs to be discussion and agreement on a forward budget at the next meeting. The main funding requirements were likely to be for the TDS project and Hidden Britain (see above).

Action - Gary Butler and all


1. Representation from EHDC and relationship to the Community Strategy. This needed to be clarified and it would be helpful if there was officer assistance to take forward projects.

Action - Chairman

2. Life in Petersfield Awards 3 April - there was an opportunity to publicise P2M and its projects such as the TDS and Hidden Britain. Exhibition space could be available if required.

Action - All

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 12 May 6.15 p.m. - Council Chamber