Tuesday 19 January

Minutes of Management Committee 07 Mar 2012


Present: Bob Ayer, Nick Keith, Tracy Chandler, Vincent Edberg, Peter Marshall, Amanda Greenlee, Graham Steaggles, Lucy Soal (EHDC), Ben Errey.
Apologies: Hilary Ayer, Amanda Greenlee

Minutes of last meeting 11 Jan 12

The minutes of the meeting on 11th January 2112 were accepted.

Towns Alive! AMT Event at Alton on Wed 22 Feb

With encouragement from Anne Harrison Bob attended the 'Towns Alive! Thriving Alongside Supermarkets' workshop at Alton on 22nd February.
There were 4 key presentations:
• Town Centre Comeback - Alison Eardley, AMT
• Case Study of a vibrant town, Faversham - Laurence Young
• Best practice use of Section 106 funding - Katherine Hoskins
• Initiatives to help your town thrive - Keith Hoskins, Hitchen Initiative (BID)
The presentations are now uploaded to the website towns.org.uk-towns-alive-thriving-alongside-supermarkets.

Action Plan 2012-2013

Bob has drafted the Action Plan for 2012-13 dated 6 Feb 2012. Project Groups in particular are requested to review the document. The intention is to have fewer actions than in previous years. The Plan should include the agreed budgets.

Treasurer’s report

Gary has signed the Bank form and there is an unopened letter addressed to Treasurer. AMT membership renewal Invoice 11274 £246.00 is received payment due 1st April 2012. The Annual Insurance premium is due days 30th September. Bob is owed £35 + £3.50 parking for attendance at AMT event at Alton on 21/2. Bob is owed £7.18 for renewal of domain. Balance stands at <£xxxx.xx>

Project Groups

Transport and Public Realm

The group has been recently busy leading up to Christmas and since. Prior to Christmas break it presented some draft ideas for the District Access Plan (no longer a town access plan – regrettably!) to HCC ‘s Transport Team including a list of Draft Objectives. (Previously circulated to P2M group). These were based on findings of the group during the town walkabout with HCC, public comments, an initial meeting with Petersfield Society and previous survey information, plus the TDS objectives. The Draft will need to refined and altered etc. But only following further public discussions and meetings/ feed back.

A short presentation was given to Petersfield Town Council; this is to be followed up once the outcome of the Neighbourhood Plan funding bid is known.

A recent open meeting with presentation to the Petersfield Society was held at Herne Farm Leisure/ community Centre at the end of last month, it was well attended. A note of the evening is appended to this report. The meeting was featured in the Petersfield Post for 2 weeks running.

The Group has also commented, albeit briefly, on the SDNP and NFNP joint Sustainable transport bid, and to HCC, re the TRO for Petersfield Town Centre parking controls.

We are generally seeking comments/ discussions with/ from other group meetings too, for example results or views from the COC/ Town Business meeting on the recent shop report by Mary Portas.

During the lead up to the Petersfield Society meeting, plans and photographs needed to be produced. Together with some minor printing costs, these run out at £27:00. The P2M Treasurer has been requested for this reimbursement.

Next months: As ideas evolve for the Access plan, it is intended to hire St Peters Hall to gather public response from the town, and later to probably have a stall location in the Square. The group is liaising with HCC transport Team on the plans for public consultation on the Access Plan. (DAS) so that these might be undertaken in parallel.

Costs. The group’s costs envisaged last in March/ April 2011 are likely to be significantly reduced. The key possible cost area will be web site access or other method of response/ comment gathering. Also quality professional presentation material will be needed. More accurate costs are currently being sought and will be placed before P2M at next meeting.

Community Garden and Orchard

There are positive indications from David Petche that this project will become ‘live’. Funding applications are being made. It was agreed that we should include a provisional amount in our Budget if possible (say £500)
A request for our PL Insurance cover the EHEN stall on 17/3/12 1000-1400 was considered and agreed.


Current work:
Deciding on structure for BAP document
Planning for Himalayan Balsam pulling event in June
Planned for Summer Months
Continue walk-about – target note surveys
Stag beetle survey involving the public
Decide on specialist surveys and funding
Beetle survey of sites (Tracy Chandler) + other invertebrates of interest
Plant survey (Suzie)
Continue to work with Herne Junior School
Work done over winter
Written up target note surveys from last year
Research for history and background
Attended a meeting with the rivers trust and made new contacts
Contacted butterfly and bat organisations about local populations

Hidden Britain

Bob and Ben have been working on the Visit Petersfield website www.visitpetersfield.com. There are numerous detailed changes to content and a new page is intended to cover the Town’s organizations, Societies and Clubs.
We also met with James Turner (Hidden Britain SE) on 13th to consider the way ahead for the site at which the following key objectives for the site were formulated:

1. Have as much control through the CMS as possible over the site, thereby limiting paid changes
2. If paid changes are required for them to be as costs effective as possible
3. To become the even handed non-commercial portal for Petersfield
4. To ultimately earn a small revenue so running costs can be covered but clearly operate on a Not-for-Profit basis
The Committee agreed these objectives. Ben and Bob will meet again to consider the detailed actions arising out of the meeting with James.

Navigate have provided access to the Google Analytics for the site which will be used to continue the work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Lavant Street

All of the SEEDA money was spent (bar about £30) by the end of January. I ended up changing what SEEDA funded because the signage provided by Navigate was not going to be done on time so SEEDA were content to fund a further chunk of the 1:1 training & improvement works and Collabor8 plus LABGI were content to fund the signage – so it was a neat ‘fit’.
Signage – it is currently being constructed and I expect it to be installed (hopefully) within the next month
1:1 Training – this is ongoing with work being done in a variety of ways depending tailored to the requirements of the individual retailers. Some of it is specific staff development training, some is on marketing and some is on window display with some taking advantage of the offer to upgrade and improve the internal shop fittings they have.
Map board – this was installed early in January
Footway repairs – the intended repairs have been marked on the ground and work is expected to start in the near future.

The 1:1 Retail Training contractor, Stafford Rhodes, has provided a summary of the work being done with some 10 Lavant Street retailers who have responded positively to the scheme. The engagement includes merchandising, retail coaching, editorials, social media, sales training, marketing, web development, fixtures, and IT development.

The contractor is considering actions regarding the empty shops involving window graphics and is arranging a Newsletter.

Town Health Check

A funding application from the EHDC Project Fund has been approved to allow us to revisit Worksheets S5 (Sport, Leisure and Open Space) and S6 (Culture and Heritage) of the Town Health Check. The Terms & Conditions of this funding are in-hand Work has not yet started


There was none

Date of next meetings

4 July at 6.30 in the Council Chamber.
AGM provisional date 17 October