Minutes of the Meeting of Petersfield Tomorrow held on 4 July 2012

Present: Hilary Ayer (chair), Margaret Plumridge, Peter Marshall, Sarah Hobbs, Vincent Edberg, Graham Steggles, Amanda Greenlee (minutes)
Apologies: Bob Ayer, Lucy Soal, Ben Errey

Treasurers Report

£500 had been given to the Adhurst Estate Allotments Association.
£330 had been received from EHDC towards the Health Check.
Our current balance stands at £2,078.59.
Our Premises Licence costs us £70 per annum. It was suggested we ask for a contribution from organisations making use of this. Petersfield Festivities now have their own licence. The number of times events can be held using our licence should be checked.

Transport Movement and the Public Realm Report

Graham gave a detailed account of the group’s response to the draft District Statement. Whilst disappointed that there is no specific Petersfield Town Access Statement the group intends to make recommendations on specific points that will improve the transport position in Petersfield. The immediate aim was to engage with the public on specific examples such as junctions.
Graham requested £150 for producing copies of the document.
There was a discussion on how to set up a system of interactive consultation with the public. Vincent gave advice from the Town Design Statement process and said that there was a fee involved.
The list at the back of the document is key and Sarah is drawing up the response of EHDC. She suggested looking at those items that affect Petersfield. Peter pointed out that whilst leadership was necessary there needed to be more community involvement.
Hilary said that because of the agreement of the developer money should be spent very soon. Alternative transport was the preferred option but this was not supported by the Council. The footpath from Ramshill to the level crossing had drawbacks.
Hilary advised the group to make use of the Community Forum as well as public meetings with the Petersfield Society. Peter said that their work over the last 9 months meant they could prioritise projects. Hilary will see if the next forum in October can concentrate on transport.


Tracy had sent a report, which Hilary read out. It covered the recent pulling of Balsam. The volunteers had been given each other’s details so a similar exercise can be carried out next year. She would continue writing the BAP from Cornwall. Amanda would see if Susie Lockyer could be persuaded to chair the group.

Hidden Britain

Bob and Ben Errey had been talking to Navigate to see if bugs can be removed from the system. They were hoping this could be done for free.

Lavant St Scheme

Hilary reported that whilst most of the signs had been put up there was one more to go up in Bakery Lane. When completed this would be a fine example of coordination between the County, District and Town Councils and Petersfield Tomorrow.

Health Check

There was to be a meeting with Mike O’Mahoney to progress this.


This will take place on 17 October in the Rose Room, Festival Hall.