Monday 16 September

Petersfield Town Partnership

The Petersfield Town Partnership (the formal name of Petersfield Tomorrow) was launched at a public meeiing at the Community Centre on Monday 30th October 2006.  The formation of the Partnership is necessary to achieve external funding for the Projects identified as a result of the public consultation that was conducted during the Town Healthcheck.


Petersfield High Street

Petersfield Tomorrow itself was launched at the Festival Hall, Petersfield at public meetings on 17th and 20th February 2004.

Participants were encouraged to identify the issues that they felt were important for the town and its district and to indicate what they wanted to see as outcomes from the work to be undertaken on the Town Healthcheck.

Public Consultation

Please select the link for a short history of the public consultation that has taken place.

The Town Character Group have a 'wiki' to share information on the Town Design Statement.