Sunday 24 January

Town Design Statement (TDS)

The Town Design Statement (TDS) was presented to EHDC on Thursday 26th November at its Development Policy Panel meeting with a recommendation that it is published for public consultation before being presented to the Community Forum for adoption as non-statutory planning guidance.

The Town Character Group were congratulated on a great deal of hard work and are now preparing for the public consultation .

The TDS has been prepared by the Town Character Group, in collaboration with East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) and with the extensive participation of the local community.

It identifies what makes Petersfield distinctive, the unique traits of its different areas, and the aesthetic issues which affect them, making recommendations to help to maintain and enrich the setting of our buildings, and shape environmental improvements, new spaces and facilities.

There was a ‘Public Launch of the document in an exhibition at St Peters Hall, Petersfield, on Saturday 13 February. Members of Petersfield Tomorrow and other experts were be on hand to answer questions about the TDS and take comments from local people.

The TDS provides design guidance and recommendations for the town including the village of Sheet.

See TDS 30 Jan 2010