Tuesday 19 January

Minutes of the Management Committee
Wednesday 31st January 2007

Present: Bob Ayer [Acting Chairman]
Tony Struthers [Acting Vice-Chairman]
Cllr. Paul Molloy [Petersfield Town Council & Acting Treasurer]
Linda Boatswain [Acting Secretary]
Hilary Ayer
Jonathan Berry
Vincent Edberg
Gareth Gammon
Philip Haines
Nick Keith
Chris Paterson
Tony Shaw
Graham Smith
Jill Towner
Trevor Towner

1. Apologies


2. Minutes of meeting on 6th December 2006

Hilary Ayer pointed out that she was the Chairman of the Employment and Training for Young People Group (see item 7).

3. Matters Arising

EHDC Project Officer
Liza Smith had been appointed Town and Village Project Officer and would be starting on February 5th 2007.
The Chairman, Tony Struthers and Hilary Ayer would be meeting Liza as soon as possible and would report back on her “key functions”
Chris Paterson said her first few days would be taken up by an Induction Programme and she would meet with the Project Groups and other key people as soon as possible. 40% of her time would be dedicated to Petersfield Tomorrow. Funding for this post came from the “Business” grant and therefore her focus would be Business and Retail related. Her expertise was in marketing. Petersfield Tomorrow should help to formulate her role.
Project Management Template
The Chairman said it was not appropriate to table the template without consulting Liza but he would share the information with her. It was important not to attempt too many projects. New Milton had identified 30 projects and had encountered difficulties managing them. Four or five projects may be sufficient.

4. Awards for All

£ 5,000 had been granted to Petersfield Tomorrow in October 2006.
Paul Molloy shared the exact wording of the application with the Committee, the essentials of which were “The design, print and distribution of 10,000 questionnaires”. A monitoring form had to be completed at the end of twelve months indicating how the money had been spent. A public consultation on the Town Design Statement could meet the criteria. Gareth Gammon suggested “Life in Petersfield” magazine would be an obvious vehicle for this purpose.

5. Website

The Chairman said he was making good progress with the website. There was a new sidebar with links to all project groups. The Town Character Group was making good use of the site including a private section. It was important that Project Groups made use of the pages.
It was agreed that a new hosting package should be purchased at the cost of approximately £ 40 p.a. plus vat for a two year package.
The Chairman would continue as webmaster.

6. Key documents and achievements to date:

Public Meetings – the Health Check process had to demonstrate community involvement and be evidence based. There should be an audit trail of all key documents. An Open Exhibition was held in October 2004 in the Festival Hall.
Worksheets – these were difficult to do and very time consuming. All key documents were available.
Young People’s event
This took place at The Petersfield School on the 27th May 2005.
Booklet and Questionnaire
This was distributed in March 2006.
Analysis of Questionnaire
A 7% return was achieved and an analysis carried out.
Analysis of Questionnaire Comments
Many of the respondents added additional comments and these were listed in full and in Work Group order.

Chris Paterson said that all funding applications for projects should clearly show the journey of how the project was decided upon. SEEDA would advise of the process.
There was a need to re-visit the Document Vision Statement. It should be tested against the questionnaire results. It was essential to define the future remit of Petersfield Tomorrow. There was a need to lobby and engage other organisations.

Chris Paterson said the application form for AMT had been sent. The website included a chat room function where advice could be sought. He would circulate further information.

7. Project Groups Update

Town Character
A progress report had been put on the website.
The set procedure for the Town Design Statement would normally be carried out within eighteen months. EHDC would appoint consultants. The Town Design Statement would become part of the Local Development Framework.

Retail and Business
The main focus would be on the Square, the heartbeat of the town. Utilisation was a key issue, along with safety at night. There was some opposition to the kebab van which operated at night. Action could only be taken when the licence came up for review. Petersfield Marketing Ltd. Held the licence for the Square. The Chairman said he was on the Licensing Committee and would not comment. Tony Struthers said there would be issues for Petersfield Tomorrow which would go against Council policy. Tony Shaw said Petersfield Tomorrow should appear detached from local authorities which led him to question whether it was appropriate to have a Councillor as Chairman of Petersfield Tomorrow. The Committee sympathised with this view. Chris Paterson said that other towns had deliberately avoided this situation but it was hard to find people who were prepared to take on the role of Chairman. The matter would have to be raised at the AGM.
Hilary Ayer pointed out that she attended the Committee as a resident not as a Councillor and asked for the minutes to be corrected.

Employment and Training for Young People

Graham Smith said there had been a Group meeting on the 30th January chaired by Hilary Ayer. Two representatives from EHDC and two from Connexions had attended, along with one other person. Connexions had made a useful presentation of their role and activities. There was a shortage of opportunities for alternatives to pursuing college education and for post college returners. Personal or educational attainment also resulted in lack of job success and it was not clear what could be done to remedy this.
The EHDC district-wide seminar would probably take place in May or June, aimed principally at local businesses providing training for young people.
There was conflicting information coming from Highbury College and Connexions about training places in various job sectors.
It was hoped that Group membership could be widened by inviting people with special involvement in the work.
The next meeting would be at the beginning of March.

Philip Haines informed the Committee that Ian Essai would like to become involved in the Young People’s Group and focus on Sports provision. His wish to be involved was welcomed but it was not clear how Sport and Leisure provision could be included at this stage. Hilary Ayer pointed out that the Sport and Leisure worksheet was never completed. It was agreed Ian should join the Group but the focus could not be changed at present.
There was general concern that Sport and Leisure was a huge gap in Petersfield Tomorrow projects. It was agreed that a special meeting would be held to take another look at the Vision Statement, review the feedback from the Questionnaires and discuss the way forward..
This meeting would be held on the 13th March.

Local Transport

Tony Shaw had circulated a report.
It was important that all matters raised by those who responded to the questionnaire were given due consideration.
Chris Paterson’s role at EHDC was changing and he would not be involved in the Local Products and Natural Environment any longer. He intended to work more closely with Tony Shaw to recruit volunteers for the Transport Group by organising press releases and events. Transport providers and taxi groups would be approached.

Natural Environment and Local Products

Chris Paterson would contact those who had been interested in the Group. He was hoping that Martin Healey might be able to devote some time to the Group.

8. AGM

The AGM would take place on the 26th March at 7pm at the Community Centre.

Linda Boatswain would resign at that meeting. It was thought that it would be inappropriate for Liza Smith to take on the secretarial work and someone else would have to be found. It might be possible to find some funding for the role.

There being no further business the meeting finished at 21.20.



The next Interim Executive Board Meetings will be on the 13th March and the 23rd May 2007 at 7pm at the Square Brewery.

Petersfield Town Partnership AGM will be held on the 26th March 2007 at 7pm at the Community Centre.