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Tuesday 19 January

Minutes of the Management Committee
Thursday 30th August 2007

Present: Bob Ayer Chairman
Tony Struthers Vice-Chairman
Linda Boatswain Secretary
Hilary Ayer
Vincent Edberg
Gareth Gammon
Tony Shaw


Nick Keith, Paul Molloy, Chris Paterson, Graham Smith, Liza Smith

1. Chairman’s Welcome

Bob Ayer congratulated the Town Character Group on the success of the Bank Holiday weekend.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 17th July had been circulated. They were agreed and signed.
The Business Potential Survey of East Hants was still to be circulated. BA

3. Group Updates

Tony Shaw tabled a written report.
At the meeting of the Bus Group on the 29th August, concern was expressed about the cuts to services and the lack of consultation. Consultation was greater at strategic level but poor at ground level.
Bus stop details were needed to check provision and information available. Tony Shaw would try to obtain a copy of the database from HCC. Petersfield Tomorrow was entitled to raise issues formally with the Hampshire Action Team (HAT).
Hilary Ayer said the Transport Scrutiny Committee would not meet until the end of September.
Both Bob and Hilary Ayer attended taxi forums and agreed to raise the issue of accessible taxis.

Town Design Statement
Vincent Edberg said the Bank Holiday weekend had been a great success. The good weather had helped. There had been a large number of people of varying age groups. There had been less trouble in the town centre than on a normal weekend.
Bob Ayer had received another letter about the event from a local business, to which he personally would reply.
A lot of information had still to be processed. Straw polls were taken on traffic issues, cycling, utilisation of the Square etc. More groups / charities wanted to be involved in any future event. Also more businesses would have liked to get involved.
Next year professional organisers would be essential. The event would be a “stand alone entity”, with its own identity but Petersfield Tomorrow could endorse or be involved in the event.
It was important to have both the road space (blocked off) as well as the Square space so that people could wander freely.
There would be a meeting of interested parties to discuss the event on the 12th September in The Square Brewery.
Only five or six of the town areas analyses had been completed.
Use of the wiki needed to be reviewed.
A Committee Meeting would be held shortly.

Employment and Training for Young People
It was difficult to have meetings outside school terms so a meeting would take place in September. A report would follow.

Retail and Business
There would be a meeting on the 12th September of all the relevant associations, businesses etc. to discuss the utilisation of The Square. EHDC would issue invitations.
On the same day the Association of Petersfield Businesses was also holding a meeting to discuss the Square and the December event. It was hoped that the two groups would liaise.
Mike Gibb of EHDC had prepared a telephone survey for a market research company to put out to 120 local businesses. The survey would also be available online, making it accessible to all. This would be carried out in parallel with Horndean. Gareth Gammon asked the meeting to approve a spend of £ 2,500 of Lottery Funding on the survey. It was agreed to fund the survey and that the Lottery funding be used for this purpose.
The Management Committee was asked to look at and comment on the questions of the survey. Gareth Gammon would email the questions to the Committee.

Natural Environment and Local Products
Liza Smith and Terena Plowright were hoping for a small sum from the Lottery Funding to pay for a consultation. They were going to be meeting with Nick Heasman.

4. Treasurer’s Report and Finance, Budget and Lottery Funding

Paul Molloy had emailed a report, details attached.

There was some concern that the Bank Holiday event had gone over budget.
Vincent Edberg said that revenue would cover the cost of the stage and P.A. system. Vernon Peake had contributed 10%. The final estimate of the cost to Petersfield Tomorrow of the entire event was £ 500.
Vincent Edberg, Philip Haines and Paul Molloy would produce a clear budget statement for the event.

The following resolution was agreed:
“Any unspent money from the Big Lottery Fund was to be used for surveys intended by the Employment and Training for Young People Group and the Natural Environment and Local Products Group.”

5. Draft Business Plan
Bob Ayer had circulated a draft Business Plan. The plan was formulated on the work undertaken on a recent training event which had been very useful. It was based on the Poole Business Plan. It was a five year plan, with recommendations from Action for Market Towns (AMT).

6. Draft Action Plan

Bob Ayer tabled a draft Action Plan to work in tandem with the Business Plan. There would be a separate annual Action Plan for each of the 5-years covered by the Business Plan. The Committee was asked to email proposed amendments to the Business and Action Plans to Bob Ayer in good time for inclusion prior to the next meeting of the Management Committee.

7. AOB

Gareth Gammon announced the “Life in Petersfield Awards” He welcomed input and support from Petersfield Tomorrow.

8. Date of next meeting

The future Management Committee Meetings would start at 6pm.

Dates as follows:

31 Oct 2007
11 Dec 2007
13 Feb 2008
16 Apr 2008 AGM – March or October 2008.

11 Jun 2008

13 Aug 2008