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Tuesday 19 January

Minutes of the 2nd AGM - Monday 27th October 2008

7pm at Petersfield Community Centre, Love Lane

1. Introduction

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming. He also thanked James Turner, Development Manager, Hidden Britain South East and Neil Hitch, Petersfield Town Clerk.

2. Apologies

Tracey Haskins, Michael Blakstad, David Jeffery, Linda Cawsey, Anne Harrison, Nigel Poole, David Burstall, Liza Smith, Mike Gibbs, Philip Haines, Mary Carrick, David Carrick, Sarah Moss, Debbie Harvey, Gill Stanton, Gary Butler, Nick Keith, Muriel Kemp.

3. Minutes of the First AGM 26 March 2007

The minutes were accepted as a true record: proposed by Tony Shaw and seconded by Tony Struthers.

4. Annual Report

Bob Ayer prefaced his report by saying the Management Committee had shown a strong commitment over the year.

Annual Report – see attached.

The Annual Report was received and accepted: proposed by Tony Struthers and seconded by Graham Smith.

5. Treasurer’s Report

Paul Molloy said the Petersfield Tomorrow account had been held by Petersfield Town Council in the beginning. In March 2006 it was agreed that a separate account should be opened with the Abbey. The account had been reasonably active in 2007 and very quiet in 2008. The balance stood at £ 4477.05.

Statement of Accounts - see attached.
The accounts were received and approved: proposed by Hilary Ayer and seconded by Vincent Edberg.

6. Election of Officers and Management Committee


Chairman: Bob Ayer - nominated by Graham Smith, seconded by Gareth Gammon.
Vice-Chairman: Tony Struthers – nominated by Graham Smith, seconded by Gareth Gammon.
Treasurer: Julie Butler – nominated by Paul Molloy, seconded by Hilary Ayer.
Secretary: Hilary Ayer – nominated by Linda Boatswain, seconded by Julie Butler.
PR Officer: Nick Keith – nominated by Tony Struthers, seconded by Bob Ayer.

Management Committee

Retail and Business - Gareth Gammon
Town Character - Vincent Edberg
Transport - Tony Shaw
Natural Environment & Local Products - Graham Smith and Terena Plowright

Committee Member Paul Molloy

All Management Committee members were nominated by Tony Struthers and seconded by Hilary Ayer.
All Officers and Management Committee Members were voted in unanimously.

Cllr. Clive Shore was the Petersfield Town Council Representative.

No representative was forthcoming from Hampshire County Council nor Petersfield Town Council.

7. Appointment of Independent Examiner of Accounts.

Jim Cleverly had verbally agreed to continue as Independent Examiner of Accounts. His appointment was proposed by Graham Smith and seconded by Hilary Ayer.

8. Town Design Statement Update

Vincent Edberg gave the update.
Work on the Town Design Statement started in Autumn 2006 and the public launch was in June 2007. The town was divided into 25 areas for the public consultation and a summary of the findings for each area was produced. At five different events in the town square, the group manned a stall for consultation. A workshop was held in January 2008. The wiki had proved very successful. Talks had been held with many local organisations. Work was carried out on the Core Strategy last Spring.
The group was indebted to Tony Struthers and Tracey Haskins for their help with the draft statement. The third draft was available. This was a substantial document and illustrations were being added. A workshop would be held in the New Year 2009 and the public would be invited to comment again. The final document would be ready for print in a year’s time. EHDC had been very supportive and it was intended that the Town Design Statement would be used as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

9. Future Intentions – The Way Forward

Bob Ayer had circulated a paper on “The Way Forward for the Partnership” – see attached.
Tony Struthers gave a brief explanation of the East Hampshire Community Partnership.
Most Councils now had a Community Partnership. Most important was that the Partnership brought together all the statutory bodies with the voluntary, community and private sectors within East Hampshire, coordinating efforts in alignment with Community Strategy priorities. Petersfield Tomorrow would be supported by the statutory bodies via the EHCP. Being formally part of the EHCP gave weight to what Petersfield Tomorrow had been doing.

10. Any Other Business

Paul Molloy said that the Town Flag project was well in hand. The aim was that the people of Petersfield would design, create and adopt a town flag. The closing date for designs was the 5th November and the selection of a shortlist would take place on the 7th November. The final selection process would take one month. Paul Molloy pointed out that this was an historic occasion; the Petersfield Town Flag would be the first in the country to be designed and created by the people of the town. A lot of interest had been shown in the project, including by the Lord Chamberlain’s Office.

This concluded the formal business of the meeting and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 19.50.


Chairman……………………………………….. Date………………..

Hidden Britain

Following the meeting, James Turner, Development Manager for Hidden Britain South East, gave a presentation entitled “An Introduction to Hidden Britain”.

Hidden Britain, funded by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) through the Rural Development Programme for England, was originally a response to the Foot and Mouth crisis. Hidden Britain began in Cumbria in 2001 and extended to the South East in 2004. Its twin aims were to get people to visit more secluded rural locations and to ensure that the local community benefited from this activity. So far 10 destinations had been researched and another 15, of which Petersfield was one, were in the pipeline. Village and small market town communities were engaged to identify key issues in the locality. Local leadership and ownership were encouraged and supported to form wider partnerships. Two existing case studies could be viewed on and

Petersfield Tomorrow had contacted Hidden Britain and asked them to research and analyse current provision. Initial findings were very positive but there was no clear message and gaps were found in the experience. Further debate and research would take place. The wider views and needs of residents and businesses would be considered along with the sustainability and longer term management of any initiative in order to form a consensus which would lead to the development of an action plan.

Mr. Turner then took questions from the floor before Bob Ayer concluded the evening by thanking Mr. Turner for a very engaging talk.