Tuesday 19 January

Minutes of the 1st AGM - Monday 26th March 2007

Apologies were received from Tracey Haskins, Nick Heasman, Gareth Gammon, Jill Towner, Trevor Towner, Jonathan Berry, G.Thornton.

The Chairman introduced Liza Smith, Town and Village Project Officer.

1. Introduction
The Chairman explained that the main purpose of the meeting was to appoint the Honorary Officers and Committee Members and to adopt the Constitution in order for the Town Partnership to proceed and secure funding for project work.
The Officers of the Interim Management Committee were prepared to stand for election but other nominations were welcomed.
Reservations had been expressed previously about a Councillor holding the Chair.

2. To Elect the Honorary Officers of The Partnership

The following nominations for the Honorary Officers were proposed by David Carrick and seconded by Tony Shaw.

Chairman Cllr Bob Ayer
Vice Chairman Tony Struthers
Treasurer Cllr Paul Molloy
Secretary Linda Boatswain
Public Relations Officer Nick Keith

All were agreed by a majority.

3. To Elect the Management Committee

According to the draft Constitution, the Management Committee should consist of no more than 15 members.
The nominations for the Management Committee were:
Tony Shaw (Local Transport) – proposed by Tony Struthers
Vincent Edberg (Town Character) – proposed by Philip Haines
Philip Haines (Town Character) – proposed by Vincent Edberg
Graham Smith (Employment & Training for Young People) – proposed by Hilary Ayer
Gareth Gammon (Retail & Business) – proposed by Nick Keith
Nick Heasman (Natural Environment & Local Products) – proposed by David Burstall
Hilary Ayer (Employment & Training for Young People) – proposed by Graham Smith

All were seconded and agreed by a majority.

The Chairman pointed out that the Management Committee had no authority to appoint the representatives of the local Authorities. Nominations would be sought from the Authorities by the Management Committee.

4. To Adopt the Constitution of The Petersfield Town Partnership

The Chairman asked for comments on the Constitution. It was explained that although the group would continue to be known as Petersfield Tomorrow, the Petersfield Town Partnership, launched on the 30th October 2006, was formed in order to hold a bank account and apply for external funding for future Projects resulting from public consultation.

Nick Keith proposed that the Constitution be adopted; this was seconded by Les Jarman and agreed by a majority.

5. To Receive a Financial Update

The Treasurer pointed out that there had been little movement recently in the account but that would change shortly. The balance stood at £8884.14. £5000 would be lost back to “Awards for All” because the funding had been agreed too late for the production of the Questionnaire document. Another bid would be submitted for the Town Design Statement. EHDC had ring-fenced £7000 for consultancy fees for the Town Design Statement. Planning policy from EHDC had been very supportive. Planning policy would require more public consultation than in the past.

George Watkinson reminded the meeting that at the first AGM the chosen bank would normally be approved. The Abbey was duly approved by a majority.

The Chairman, who had to catch a train, then handed over the Chair of the meeting to the Vice Chairman, Tony Struthers.

The Vice Chairman invited Liza Smith to give a brief resume of her role as Town and Village Project Officer at EHDC.
The post was a two year appointment. Two days per week would be dedicated to Petersfield Tomorrow. Her main objective was to co-ordinate the development and implementation of the consultation work carried out by Petersfield Tomorrow and put together a formalised and robust final report in order to secure government funding for future projects.

The Vice Chairman then invited Vincent Edberg to give a report on the progress of the Town Design Statement group.
The Town Design Statement came out of the earlier consultation process of the Market Town Health Check where local people expressed the wish to develop or enhance the character of the town. The project group was set up to produce a Town Design Statement which would form an essential part of advice and guidelines for all future planning applications in the town. From June to September 2007 everyone in Petersfield would have the opportunity to give their views on aspects of the town. A public event on June 16th 2007 would launch the consultation phase of the project. A follow-up meeting would outline the initial findings and the way forward.
A community planning consultant, Nick Wates, had been engaged to advise the group. Both District and Town Councils were very supportive of the project and had provided initial funding to get the project under way.

Nick Keith had prepared a press release announcing events of the next few months.

Tony Struthers declared the meeting closed at 19.48.


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