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Tuesday 19 January
Minutes of the Management Committee
Wednesday 23rd May 2007

Present: Bob Ayer: Chairman
Tony Struthers: Vice-Chairman
Linda Boatswain: Secretary
Hilary Ayer
Vincent Edberg
Philip Haines
Tony Shaw
Graham Smith

Liza Smith: Town & Village Project Officer EHDC
Mike Gibb: Economic Development EHDC
Terena Plowright: Sustainability Centre, East Meon


Paul Molloy, Nick Keith, Nick Heasman, Gareth Gammon and Jonathan Berry.

1. Chairman’s Welcome

Bob Ayer said that Terena Plowright was expected later.
Bob Ayer, Tony Struthers, Liza Smith and Mike Gibb had met informally at EHDC to discuss funding and projects that EHDC were able and willing to support.
The change of Chairman of the Retail and Business Group to Gareth Gammon was formalised.

2. Work Group Updates

Bob Ayer pointed out that the SWOT analysis was a very effective tool.
Project Group reports should contain weaknesses and threats: weaknesses to share and resolve with the Committee, threats to share and get help with.

Town Character Group

The Public Consultation Launch would take place in Town Square on 16th June. The process would last for three months, concluding 15th September.
Petersfield would be divided into 25 areas, each to complete a set of questionnaires. The results would be brought to Committee for guidance on how to proceed.
A public event would be held on August Bank Holiday weekend, with fun activities in the Square, to raise awareness of the project.

The wiki has proved a very useful tool.

Philip Haines tabled a budget report for the Public Consultation process:

Item Quantity



Postcards – printing 15000 331  
Postcards –delivery   500 831
Flyers / Posters 2000   233
Events poster 500   167
Inserts / Survey / Display materials     1,500
Bank Holiday weekend     2,000
Total     4,732

A stand was held at Churcher’s Community Fair. The Fair was not well-attended.

Mike Gibb asked if there was a Project Plan for the audit trail to share with the Management Committee. The “Key dates and key targets” document from the wiki was a useful reference.

The CPRE had made the point that it was important to consider the town’s context in the surrounding landscape as part of the project.

Natural Environment and Local Products

Tony Struthers had attended a networking meeting at the Sustainability Centre and said there was common ground between the Centre and Petersfield Tomorrow.
Terena Plowright said the “Greening” campaign had gone well, many people wanted to get involved. Structure and format were needed to move the campaign forward, possibly in collaboration with Petersfield Tomorrow.
A brainstorming session with Terena Plowright, Tony Struthers, Nick Heasman, Chris Paterson and Liza Smith would look at integration.

Local Transport

Tony Shaw had circulated a report (attached).
He had written to those who had volunteered on the Questionnaire, three had responded. No meeting had yet been held.
Meetings with the Highway Authority, the District Council and local Police were urgently needed.
He also pointed out that he really needed the help of Gwil Williams and Chris Paterson to make any progress.

Employment and Training for Young People

On 26 June 2007 there would be a Business Apprenticeship Scheme seminar for Young People at EHDC.
Connexions were already carrying out an Employers’ Survey. Petersfield Tomorrow was on the edge of their remit.
Funds would be allocated by Mike Gibb to carry out survey of the top 100 local businesses on training and recruitment. Mike Gibb would produce the brief.

Retail and Business

Liza Smith had met with Gareth Gammon – new members were needed for the Group.
A business survey would be carried out in June / July to get results back by September. The analysis would be carried out by EHDC in consultation with Gareth Gammon. The focus would be on better use of the Town Square. 58 people made specific comments about The Square on the Questionnaire returns. Tony Shaw would copy these to Gareth Gammon.
Petersfield Marketing currently held the licence for the Square. Public liability was an issue for future usage. Petersfield Tomorrow could look at this.

3. Budget Update

Paul Molloy had emailed Tony Struthers to say he had had a meeting with Neil Slatter who had recommended not returning the £ 5000 to Awards for All but to write confirming the proposed use of the funds.
Liza Smith would liaise with the Town Character Group, Paul Molloy, Tony Struthers and Neil Slatter and put a programme with funding allocation and letter together.
The account balance stood at £3,859 once the £5,000 was deducted. In addition, £7,000 had been earmarked by EHDC for the Town Design Statement. £4,532 had been spent. Cost estimates for the next steps of the Design Statement were needed.
Bob Ayer stressed the importance of having a business plan.

4. Internal Communications / protocols

All press releases should go through Nick Keith.
The secretary should be included on routine distribution lists (not all project group details).
In response to recent press information, Petersfield Tomorrow should send a letter to the EHDC Planning Department to point out that Petersfield Tomorrow does not make planning recommendations. Action: Bob Ayer.
Liza Smith would organise electronic and printed letterhead.

5. Update on Milestones
Liza Smith had tabled a “Draft Milestones” report.
The Social and Community Worksheets were never completed. A “Snapshot” was available from Andy Owen.
Liza Smith would meet with Hilary Ayer and Mike O’Mahoney to discuss the “Sport and Leisure” worksheets.
More volunteers were needed for the Project Groups. Groups should provide information on what they needed. A volunteer recruitment form could be obtained from Liz Mullenger at Community First East Hants.
Liza Smith would produce a final report in December 2007

6. AOB
A resolution was passed to pay an honorarium of £1,200 per annum for three hours secretarial assistance per week. Funding was available for one year only.

Philip Haines asked for the Town Design Statement Public Consultation budget submission to be approved. The budget was agreed subject to receiving further details about the Bank Holiday weekend expenditure.

There being no further business the meeting finished at 21.20.




The next Interim Executive Board Meeting will be on the 17th July 2007 at 6pm at the Square Brewery.