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Tuesday 19 January

Minutes of the Management Committee - Tuesday 17th July 2007


Bob Ayer Chairman
Linda Boatswain Secretary
Nick Keith Public Relations Officer
Hilary Ayer
Vincent Edberg
Gareth Gammon
Philip Haines
Tony Shaw
Graham Smith

Chris Paterson EHDC
Terena Plowright Sustainability Centre, East Meon


Paul Molloy, Tony Struthers, Liza Smith

1. Chairman’s Welcome

Bob Ayer announced that the new Petersfield Town Council Representative was Cllr. Clive Shore.
Bob Ayer and Liza Smith had attended the SERTP and AMT training sessions for town partnerships on 10th July. The agenda included sessions on:
• Sustaining your Partnership
• Skills and Knowledge
• Project Planning and a demonstration of the website
• Engaging Business and Retail in your Partnership

Of these, Project Planning was extremely informative.
The password to the website,, was via Bob Ayer’s “demon” address.
Bob Ayer had also attended “Knowing where you’re going”, funded by SEEDA and HCC. The next in the four topic series would be “Taking the Journey”. Most Town Partnerships had funding partners.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes had been circulated. They were agreed and signed.

3. Group Updates

Town Design Statement
The launch of the Public Consultation on the 16th June was successful.
The follow-up event had been held the previous Saturday. There were 25 areas for analysis; area 9 had been used as a trial area. Bob Ayer had completed his summary. Tony Struthers had started his. More area managers were needed.
The SDNP had also been a topic for discussion.
Everyone could keep up to date by looking at the wiki.

Retail and Business
Mike Gibbs was going to fund a business survey. The first consultation had not really engaged businesses.
Bob Ayer said he would get a copy of the Business Potential Survey of East Hants to the Group.

Employment and Training for Young People
A survey of local businesses, skills shortages and training would be carried out. “Doing Business with You” had not been well attended – there was very positive feedback..

Tony Shaw’s report had been put on the website in June.
The Action Plan had been divided into three main groups:
Public Transport – five volunteers would have joint meetings with Gwil William’s bus users group and Chris Paterson of EHDC.
Car Parking – interested residents would join with Gwil Williams, Chris Paterson and Hilary Ayer to explore a range of proposals.
Roads and Pavements. – preliminary discussions on experimental pedestrianisation schemes would take place with the highways authorities and the police. The two new shelters have been put up near the school, along with time tables and routes.
Hilary Ayer had met with Gwil Williams and South-West Trains to discuss commuter parking. S-W Trains said they couldn’t add much extra parking, perhaps some partial decking.
A second level might be considered for Swan Street.
A new officer had been employed for six months at EHDC to look at Transport.

Natural Environment and Local Products
Chris Paterson and Liza Smith had met with Nick Heasman three weeks previously. They were going to hold informal meetings with stakeholders, AONB, SDNP, Rotherlands etc. and look again at the findings of the questionnaire. Invites would go out for a 15th August meeting.
A Committee would be formed for the Greening Campaign.
Links would be maintained with the Association of Petersfield Businesses.

Bob Ayer asked Groups to provide regular updates (basic plain text documents) for the website.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Paul Molloy had emailed details:

Petersfield Tomorrow General Fund £8583
of which:-
Funds remaining in Planning Grant £2284.03
But with an outstanding bill to Nick Wates of £1887.98
When paid, funds remaining £396.09
Funds remaining in Big Lottery Fund £4723

Clarification of these details would be sought from Paul.

5. Budget

Mike Gibbs had emailed an update on the Petersfield Tomorrw budget:
Planning Grant £7000 – to prepare TDS.
Lottery Grant £5000 – consultation on Town Health Check / Projects.
EHDC Economic Development Budget £5000 – focussed on business / economy projects.
Correct protocols had to be established to ensure that Petersfield Tomorrow Management Committee had authority over the expenditure for both the remaining funds from the Planning Grant (£2200) and also the funds from the Lottery Grant (£5000).

An update on the Bank Holiday Event was given by Philip Haines:
The plans included the following:
1. EHDC trailer outside the Post Office all weekend for TDS exhibition, and final consultation push.
2. Establishing an outdoor cafe on the Square from 17:00 Saturday evening until 18:00 on Monday evening.
3. Live music in The Square Saturday and Sunday evenings, with a licensed bar, from 18:00 until 22:00
4. Activities such as Petersfield Youth Theatre, and Petersfield Town Juniors in The Square Sunday/Monday
5. Outdoor market in the High Street Sunday/Monday.
6. Family activities in the High Street/Square Sunday/Monday.

Jonathan Berry of The George would be the DPS for the licence, and Pete Dew of The Square Brewery would provide the café, take the risk and any profit. They would also organise the music. The premises licence application, in Petersfield Tomorrow’s name, would allow activities on up to 3 days a year.
Vernon Peake, of Petersfield Marketing, who held the licence for The Square, would organise items 5 & 6 and would donate 10% of takings to Petersfield Tomorrow. Further activities were being discussed.
The £ 2000 budget would cover the licence application, stage/PA, liability insurance, signage, advertising and possibly a contribution towards music.
Bob Ayer said it was important to keep sharing intentions with Neil Slatter who had a very good rapport with the Big Lottery Fund.
Chris Paterson was concerned that as the event was being funded with public money, everyone should have equal opportunity to participate and benefit.
Gareth Gammon said notices had been distributed saying the event was taking place and that anyone wishing to participate should contact the TDS Group.
Vincent Edberg agreed that there had been ample opportunity for other businesses to join in.

Chris Paterson undertook to consult with Neil Slatter and the Head of Community Services to satisfy his concerns about complying with funding protocols.
Bob Ayer proposed the following resolution:
The Management Committee support the Bank Holiday Project and agree the budget amount of £2,000 subject to continuing liaison regarding the use of Big Lottery Fund money and efforts to make the event as inclusive as possible.
Nick Keith seconded the resolution and all were in favour.

6. Action Planning and Project Planning

The recent training event had convinced Bob Ayer that Petersfield Tomorrow should have a Business Plan and an Action Plan. A template was available. Bob Ayer would produce a draft for the next meeting.

7. AOB

Terena Plowright had attended a meeting of the Association of Petersfield Businesses (APB). The Association wanted to organise a carnival on December 1st with the Food Market. They would like Petersfield Tomorrow to support it. This was agreed in principle.
Bob Ayer said that the Business and Retail Community should be engaged and listened to.
The licence for the Square would keep going until Christmas and then Petersfield Marketing Ltd. would close down. The licence would not exist afterwards. The APB was keen to get involved with the Christmas lights.

It was agreed that Transport Group correspondence should have Tony Shaw’s address on the letterhead as well as the Town Hall address.

8. Date of next meeting

The next Management Committee Meeting will be on the 30th August 2007 at 7pm. Venue to be advised.