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Minutes 061206

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Tuesday 19 January
Minutes of the Management Committee
Wednesday 6th December 2006

Present: Tony Struthers [Acting Chairman]
Cllr. Paul Molloy [Petersfield Town Council & Acting Treasurer]
Linda Boatswain [Acting Secretary]
Cllr. Bob Ayer [Petersfield Town Council]
Cllr. Hilary Ayer [Petersfield Town Council]
Jonathan Berry
Vincent Edberg
Gareth Gammon
Philip Haines
Tony Shaw
Graham Smith
Jill Towner
Trevor Towner

Apologies: Ken Hick, Nick Keith, Chris Paterson, Sue Williams

1. Introductions

Those present introduced themselves.

2. Nomination and election of interim Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer

Bob Ayer was elected Chairman, nominated by Hilary Ayer and seconded by Paul Molloy.
Tony Struthers agreed to be Deputy Chairman.
Paul Molloy agreed to continue as Treasurer until the AGM.
Linda Boatswain agreed to continue as Secretary until the AGM.
Nick Keith had previously offered to be Public Relations Officer.

Those elected would remain Interim Executive Officers until the AGM when elections would be formally held.

It was suggested that an honorarium be considered in the future for the role of Secretary.

3. Draft Constitution

The following amendments to the Constitution were agreed:

3. Areas of benefit: “Petersfield and Neighbouring Parishes”
4. Objects:
a) …… “those living, working, studying or trading”…..
c) ….. “using appropriate skills and resources.”
5. Powers:
e) ….. “money to be charged against any part”…….
k) add “To award an honorarium to the Secretary as appropriate”
Tony Struthers said he would check that this was acceptable under Charity Law.
6. Membership: …… “of 18 years who live, work, study or trade”…
Delete: “Junior members shall not be entitled to vote at any meetings”.
7. Management Committee: ……..” Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations Officer”...….
14. Delete: “Junior members shall not be entitled to vote at the above meetings”.
Last page: …… “as ratified by the Interim Executive Board on 6th December 2006”.

4. Interim Membership

It was agreed that there would be up to 17 members of the Interim Executive Board.

5. Timetable for AGM

The AGM will be held on the 26th March 2007. The venue will be the Exhibition Room at the Community Centre, if available.

6. Name of Petersfield Town Partnership and relationship to Petersfield Tomorrow

It was agreed that “Petersfield Tomorrow” would continue to be used as the ‘brand name’ of Petersfield Town Partnership.

7. Budget and Business Plan

The current balance stood at £ 8966.75 with no liabilities other than small room hiring fees.
EHDC had announced that they would fund the printing of the Questionnaire document and therefore there was no loan outstanding to them. This meant that the £ 5000 grant from “Awards for All” would have to be justified in some other way within 11 months.
It was agreed that Paul Molloy would share the “Awards for All” application wording with the Executive at the next meeting in order to determine a way of operating within those constraints. [Agenda item next meeting]
It was agreed that a template should be agreed for the management of projects. The Chairman would consult with EHDC. [Action: BA]

8. Reporting Mechanism for Project Groups

SEEDA would have to be convinced that projects were evidence based, following public consultation.
The Chairman would make members aware of the documents and achievements that existed to date. [Agenda item next meeting]
It was important that everyone should know what everyone else was doing. It was suggested that the Project Coordinator should produce a regularly updated Newsletter.

9. Update from Project Groups

Town Character: Chairman -Vincent Edberg

The first meeting was held on the 25th November 2006.
The Town Design Statement would include Petersfield and Sheet parishes.
Funding for workshops and training would be needed. EHDC funding would be ring-fenced. May need 5k – 10k for Consultant.
The Group would work closely with Alison Wood of EHDC.
The work might take up to 18 months.
A survey would be needed.
A password protected page on the website would be appropriate.
Community Involvement and an Information Library were essential.
Next meeting 6th January 2007

Retail and Business: Chairman – Trevor Towner

The first meeting was held on the 22nd November 2006.
All business groups in the town would be encouraged to get together to determine the main issues.
A big meeting would be held on 21st February 2007.
It was intended to set up an Association of Petersfield Businesses which would swell the numbers for the Petersfield Tomorrow Retail and Business Group.
There would be a charge for membership.
Specific criteria must be determined for SEEDA funding.
Next meeting 13th December 2006.

Young People and Jobs: Chairman – Graham Smith

The first meeting was held on the 27th November 2006.
Representatives from Connexions and EHDC were working closely with Graham Smith and Hilary Ayer. (Connexions used to be the Careers Service.)
EHDC were keen to hold seminar to promote training etc.
It was important to persuade local businesses that the project was worthwhile.
It was intended to work with the 16 – 19 age group.
A simple, concise leaflet would be produced.
There were around 12 – 15 major problems.
Connexions gave part-time representation in the town. Their role required exploration.
Work would start with the schools and Highbury College.
Next meeting end of January 2007.

Local Transport: Chairman – Tony Shaw

Tony Shaw had circulated notes from the PTP Launch meeting of the Group.
The original Transport Group could be reformed. Gwil Williams, Tony Smale and Brian Keefe would most probably assist.
Brian Dutton would be asked to help.
Secretarial and PR help would also be needed.
HCC were cutting back services.
Funding options might be found through Development Planning Agreements and Community Transport for East Hants.
More members were needed to get discussion going.

Natural Environment and Local Products: Chairman – Chris Paterson

Chris Paterson had emailed the following update to Tony Struthers:
“We are still trying to identify a date that we can all meet up again. There is a possibility that we can use some of the Hampshire Fare time that our economic development team have as part of a service level agreement. This will be the focus of our next meeting, looking at how Hampshire Fare could assist us in a project linking local wildlife and habitats to local produce!”

10. Arrangements for future meetings including dates and location

It was decided that frequency of meetings should be every two months.

The next Interim Executive meetings will be on the 31st January 2007 and the 23rd May 2007.

The AGM will be on the 26th March 2007.

11. Any other business

The EHDC Project Officer should be appointed this week. She would dedicate 2 days per week to Petersfield Tomorrow. Her other area of responsibility was Horndean. The post would commence in early January 2007.

Kirsty Stratton of the Petersfield Young People’s Advice Project which was an advice service for young people under the umbrella of the CAB had approached Petersfield Tomorrow for funding. Whilst happy to support the project in principle, the Group, as it was publicly funded, was not able to fund projects unless they were specifically part of Petersfield Tomorrow. Tony Struthers promised to contact Kirsty and suggest other sources of funds, such as Round Table and Rotary.



There being no further business the meeting finished at 21.15.



The next Interim Executive Board Meetings will be on the 31st January and the 23rd May 2007 at the Square Brewery.

Petersfield Town Partnership AGM will be held on the 26th March 2007 at the Community Centre