Sunday 16 June

Petersfield Town Partnership - Biodiversity Group

Minutes from Petersfield Biodiversity Action Plan Meeting 19/5/10


Linda Munday, Peter Jones, Bob Ayer, Robin Hart, Jamie Cummins, John Charnock Wilson, Amanda Greenlee, and 1 other - sorry did not catch name, Andy Foy (HBIC).





Andy Foy  passed around maps that showed areas:

It was also explained that some species are on the BAP list but these may differ from other lists (cant remember names) . Statutory SSSI and non statutory SINCS and Ancient woodland ?.

The ecology of road side verges is overlooked and may be important in Petersfield.
A  list is available on websites of groups that do surveys.
Many things have not been surveyed for in this area yet, especially insects and other invertebrates. The cheese snail is of particular interest to the Hangers - looks like a small white cheese.

Specific groups do specific surveys, e.g. for moths. HBIC undertake surveys themselves or use specialist groups contracted in.

Deciding on boundaries

Someone suggested that the landscape character assessment may help us decide what boundaries our BAP would fit in to.
Tracy suggested that we extend boundary to link to/with existing conservation areas that are of particular interest and as far as the next BAP.
Andy suggested that we stick to town boundaries for now.
This was decided upon also because of neighbouring villages who may be undertaking BAPS of their own and at this early stage it was unsure what would be required.

Bob said he would circulate a data base (sorry did not catch what it was specifically)

Name for the BAP

A  name was suggested for our BAP - Petersfield Area Biodiversity Action Plan

Next actions

Meeting Closed with thanks to Andy Foy for coming with his contribution and to Linda for minutes of last meeting,

Date for next meeting was set-
16th of June, 1.30pm in council chamber