Sunday 16 June

Petersfield Town Partnership - Biodiversity Group

Minutes from Petersfield Biodiversity Action Plan Meeting 24/11/10


Tracy Chandler, Bob Ayer, Rob Hart, Jamie Cummins, Suzie Lockyer, Peter Jones, John Charnock-Wilson, Amanda Greenlee(minutes)


renamed Questionnaire

a piece was included on Herne Junior Schools Friday Flyers No. 9, with a link to the questionnaire on survey monkey.
Jamie had received 20 returned copies of the 105 he had taken to Sheet School. John offered to take some to Steep School, pointing out that most parents live in Petersfield.


Peter handed out samples of the leaflet Tracy had sent out via email. It looked very good, particularly the front and back. It was felt the inside pages were too wordy and different pictures could be used to heighten appeal. Bob suggested putting photos on the web site and selecting from these. It was agreed that we would all review the leaflet and send in suggestions.
Peter said they could be produced at 10pence a copy. Amanda offered to fold them. A decision on the final number needed was not taken and it was felt that it would be simple to update the leaflet in the future. It was agreed that it should be produced in time for our stall in February.

Walking the town

Rob, Jamie, Suzy and Tracy had walked the North West sector from Buckmoor to Bell Hill and back to Bell Hill recreation centre via the Dark Hollow track. They had seen pasture, lines of trees, gardens. lots of fungi and elms and a spindle tree. Rob had listed the birds observed.
Suzie, Tracy and Rob had followed the Criddell to the edge of the motorway and back via Paddock Way.
These walks will continue in the New Year looking at areas that are less well known in the town.
Bob said that the Town Design Statement, which can be accessed via Wiki, contained details on the areas we are interested in. For exmple area 25, the southern area had been looked at by CPRE.


Bob would talk to Philip Haines, who runs the Town Design Statement wiki to see if we could make use of this to encourage the public to study their gardens and share what they find out.It was thought a sticker would be a useful publicity method. Peter offered to price these and send Tracy the information. tracy asked it to be considered how best to include gardens in the BAP.


Any application for a grant from the Town Council should be in by 1 December. Sue Moran would assist in tidying up an application. We discussed what items should be included in a successful bid. Whilst publicity material needs to be included it was unclear how detailed the costings had to be. Bob would speak to Hilary for advice. Susy said that there would be costs involved if we wanted to do a Record Day in your Garden. Bob pointed out that the funding bid would only be an initial step towards a BAP.


An expert was coming to Herne school to consult on the environment by the pond in the school grounds.
The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers was looking for a project within the EHDC area to show our MP. There was money available. It was felt we were unsuitable at this stage but Rotherlands has recent hedge filling that might be of interest.
Peter said that at the AGM of Unison there was usually a speaker, who was paid between £100 and £200 for a 10 to 15 minute presentation. There were no volunteers to do this but this could be looked at again before the meeting, which is in March at Penn's Place.
Tracy told us of an article which dealt with ways of preventing fertilisers from polluting streams. It was felt we need to contact farmers to find out what they are doing about damage to water courses.

Tracy proposed that we alternate evening meetings with lunchtime ones and meet every other month. Peter would see when the Council Chamber was available.

Next Meeting

There will be no meeting in December but we shall meet in January, date to be confirmed.