Sunday 16 June

Petersfield Town Partnership - Biodiversity Group

Minutes from Petersfield Biodiversity Action Plan Meeting 22/09/10


Tracy Chandler, Bob Ayer, John Charnock-Wilson, Linda Munday, Peter Jones, Amanda Greenlee


Rob Hart, Jamie Cummins, Elizabeth

Local Farms

Tracy had received a leaflet from Terena which gave contact details for all the local farms.


This would be amended to indicate who is conducting the survey and give contact details of Petersfield Nature. Peter Jones agreed to supply 200 copies.  Amanda agreed to approach the management of Ramswalk for a date to set up a stall for the survey.  Tracy would exhibit her photos and Bob supply a gazebo.  Peter suggested that a few insects on the stall would attract the children.  Jamie and Amanda volunteered to help with the survey.
It was also agreed that in the meantime whilst waiting for the small Ramswalk event to be arranged that the survey would also be conducted from clip boards standing in the street. This would be a week day and the small event with the gazebo would be on a Saturday.
Tracy also suggested that she would contact other individuals to see if they would like to contribute photographs to the Ramswalk event.


Linda said the cheque for £200 was on its way.  She suggested approaching Community First to ask for help, ask to speak to Janet Easton.
Bob pointed out that we are a sub-group of Petersfield Tomorrow and should put proposals through P2M.  The Town Council could be approached for a grant, but this must be before 1 December.  Bob stressed highlighting community engagement in an application for funds. Tracy agreed to do this.
John recommended creating a logo.  It was agreed to approach Petersfield schools and ask the children to produce one, with a small prize as an incentive, Bob said he would ask at TPS.  Announcing this in the press would bring more publicity.
Consider what funding is needed for, that it will probably need to be match funded.


Tracy suggested that a mission statement was needed that was clear about our objectives, it was generally agreed that the piece that appeared in the Town News was suitable as a basis for a mission statement.  Linda suggested reading the WOW leaflet, particularly the forward for ideas.  It was pointed out that each household in Petersfield would have recieved the news with the article.

Big Event

Tracy wished for an event next year. Tracy asked for ideas of what should be the basis of the event, there were various suggestions such as looking at something particular in the town, latching on to other events It was suggested that we combine with Friends of the Heath and Rotherlands for a major event, and other groups.

Herne Junior School

The school wished to be involved in Petersfield Nature.  They already have an eco club.  Tracy suggested the children could undertake wildlife surveys with in the school grounds and would approach Laura Sandon Webb (eco schools teacher for herne) about the possibility.  Tracy felt that the school newsletter was a good way to reach the parents, and our survey could be sent out that way.

Local Parish activities

Linda told us that Buriton were concentrating on their sunken lanes.  Steep was undergoing a landscape character survey for Steep and Froxfield as well as a BAP. with Tony Struthers chairing the group.  Jim Mcdonald was also involved.
The current move for Sheet to become a separate parish was discussed.  It was not felt that this would impinge on the workings of the group.

Map from Nature on a Map

Tracy showed us a copy of a map of Petersfield giving the local farms.  The map showed whether a farm was entry level stewardship or higher.  The map also showed other features of the district. 


John reported that East Hampshire Environment Network had been set up.  This would act as a community hub for groups, businesses and individuals in East Hampshire who want to take action to become more environmentally friendly.  It is being publically launched at EHDC on 19 October at 7pm.  Its website is

Next Meeting:  Wednesday 20 October 1.30 in the Town Hall.