Sunday 16 June

Petersfield Town Partnership - Biodiversity Group

Minutes from Petersfield Biodiversity Action Plan Meeting 20/10/10

BAP 20 Oct 2010


Tracy Chandler, Linda Munday, Bob Ayer, Peter Jones, Jamie, Susie Lockier, Rob Grant, Amanda Greenlee (minutes) 


Tracy, Jamie and Amanda conducted a survey in the town centre on 13 October.  In one hour we added contacts, received offers of help and were told of parts of Petersfield that contain wildlife that are out of the way.  A volunteer ranger took surveys to an event at Queen Elizabeth Country Park.  Jamie had taken 105 for Sheet School, which would go out to parents after half-term.  Survey monkey links had been sent to Herne Junior school and Petersfield Infant School.

Mission Statement

This was discussed.  Susie recommended that there should not be too much emphasis on 'corridors' as recent research has shown these were not always beneficial to wildlife.


Roger Pendle is a skilled photographer, used by Rotherlands.  Rob would approach him to see if he would contribute photos for the leaflet.
Peter offered to see if any of his Town Hall contacts would be interested in sponsoring the leaflet.
We discussed the purpose of the leaflet and its contents.  Thought about the cost and number to be produced.
Linda recommended getting in touch with Lola Nolan of EHDC who works with the Youth Council.  Caspian of Ditcham School was keen to promote the school's environmental day on 21 Jan 2011.  Louise Christie, who helped set up Petersfield Walking for Health might be useful for approaching people to observe wildlife in the town.


Linda thought setting up a Facebook page would encourage interest from young people, especially as they are keen on Nature and Biodiversity.
Getting schoolchildren involved in designing a logo would only happen if the schools had time to do this.  Bob pointed out that the curriculum restricts what help school could give us. 

Small Event

A  stall in Rams Walk had been booked for Sat 26 Feb. Jamie would supply exhibits from the Wildlife Trust for the stall to attract attention. May need to use Greening's public liability document.

Big Event

It was decided to have a weekend of events, such as a bird watch, a bat watch as next year is the year of the bat, and hedgerow surveys.  Susie suggested a record day when lots of people record birds, insects, flowers at a particular location during set times.
Bob recommended using "I See" concept to devise trails around the town.
David Bell of Clair Gardens is a Head Ranger for HCC.  Mine of information.  Jamie to approach to run a guided walk.


Peter Kane is a local farmer who is already working on the local environment.  Good contact to reach other farms in our area.


An Education Officer for North Hampshire has been appointed.  Jamie will contact.
The Esme Fairburn Foundation funds environmental projects.  To be successful an application needs to be well organised and capable of being evalualed.  Janet Easton of Community First would help us apply for funding.
Linda to check if EHDC has any money left for paid surveyors to work in areas we don't have information about.

Identification walks

It was proposed that we should look at certain areas to see what wildlife is present now, even if at this time it is mostly lichens we would see.  The Bell Hill area would be a good place to start.  Date to be arranged.

Next meeting

To be arranged, in the town hall in a month if room available.  No meeting in December.