Sunday 16 June

Petersfield Town Partnership - Biodiversity Group

Minutes from Petersfield Biodiversity Action Plan Meeting 18/08/10


Geoff, Elizabeth, Peter Jones, John Charnock-Wilson, Tracy Chandler, Linda Munday, Rob hart, Jonathon Bills +Cat from Hampshire Wildlife trust.


new members Elizabeth and Geoff, Jonathon Bills from SDJC and Cat from HWT.

Tracy to Jonathon that we would like to know about farmers that come within the town boundaries and what they are already doing for nature.

Peter Jones said that he would contact a farmer he new called Peter Cains

Cat said that the wildlife trust has a frame work for BAPs and gave her contact details.

Jonathon suggested that we did not include the farms as this was a sensitive area and that we stick to the ‘town’ green spaces.
We said that we would very much like to include the farms as to many of us this was Petersfield too (walks, views etc..)

Jonathon said we could look at ‘Nature on the Map’, which will show whether farms are entry level or higher level stewardship for this area. Adding that 80% of the area is entry level. He also added that our area was targeted for stewardship. So find out what has not got entry level stewardship in the area.

Elizabeth commented Love Lane path has been cut back too much and all the flowers have gone, also Tor Way/Love Lane has lost wild flowers.

Jonathon said that in Emsworth they put signs on the verges to inform people that they are wildflower areas. There was some discussion on how to preserve these areas and why they had been cut back in the first place. Contractors.

Sheet common is a Triple SSI.
Natural Engalnd is in negotiation with farmers. Entry level means they are keeping hedges (managing hedges?)

(Make contact and ask)

Jonathon said look beyond what is there and think about what the purpose of the enquiry is (?). Peter Jones- Buckmore Farm has some very wild bits; PTC wanted it for allotments from HCC but now thinks perhaps should leave it for nature.


Nothing from Martin Healey. What other streams are available? Sustainable development fund from SDJC, community projects from EHDC, but need match funding for this.

Break down of costs: think about what we will need money for. (surveys, events)

Putting on an event- to raise awareness and gain interest?


PTC newsletter by the beginning of November. PTC, Twitter and Facebook, website.

Plan actions at September meeting

Next meeting

15th of September at 1.30 pm council chamber. Post Meeting Note: Now 22 September.