Sunday 16 June

Petersfield Town Partnership - Biodiversity Group

Minutes from Petersfield Biodiversity Action Plan Meeting 16/6/10


Tracy Chandler, Bob Ayers, Jamie Rotherlands, Rob FOPH, Amanda Greenlee


John C-W, Linda Munday, Peter Jones

Amanda agreed to take the minutes, Tracy will distribute

The name Petersfield Nature was chosen for the group, with the strapline A biodiversity action plan for the Petersfield area.


Nothing had been received from the Environmental Agency.
Tracy had sent a letter to Martin Healy, and received an acknowledgement.
Nick Keith, PR for P2M had seen Tracy's draft and the press release would now be sent to the Petersfield Post.
The survey drawn up by Tracy and Jamie was examined. It was decided to pilot the survey at the Herne Junior School eco fair on 2. July.
Hidden Britain. Petersfield Nature is mentioned on the Hidden Britain web site.


We need to produce a leaflet on Biodiversity. Bob will check EHBiodiversity Action Plan to see what information it contains on Petersfield. This can be edited. He is also in touch with designers and graphics people in the town.
Funding. Martin Healey has given the group £200.


Jamie will attend the Biodiversity Meeting in Winchester on 9.July.
Jamie told us of the Community Wildlife Big Lottery Fund scheme as a possible source of funding.
Bob showed us the comments on the natural environment that were gathered during the surveys for P2M. He suggested contacting Vincent and seeing what is contained in the Annex of the Town Design Statement. This shows what people recorded when they walked the 25 areas of the town.
Bob will attend the Overview and scrutiny meeting 'Place' to be held that evening.

Date for next meeting:

14 July 1.30 in the meeting room at the Town Hall. The next meeting will record what information we already hold.