Sunday 16 June

Petersfield Town Partnership - Biodiversity Group

Minutes from Petersfield Biodiversity Action Plan Meeting 14/07/10

Present:  Tracy Chandler, Jamie Rotherlands, Linda Munday, Peter jones, Amanda Greenlee
Apologies:  Bob Ayer, Rob FOPH
1.  Apologies were given for the non-distribution of last month's minutes.  Copy of the minutes shown at the meeting.
2.  Jamie told us about the Biodiversity Meeting he had attended in Winchester on 9 July.  He produced several publications including one called GRaBS.  This project is a Case for Climate Change Adaptation.  is the web site.  He said that the content of the meeting could be found at
3.  Linda told us that Steep were producing a BAP for the parish.  This is being done by Tony Struthers, Jim Macdonald and Alex Pratchett-Joyce.  It would be useful to consult with them.  She asked if we had any contacts with Sheet, and Tracy offered to get in touch with people she knows.
4.Linda had attended a Towns Alive  Award ceremony.  She told us of a successful Eco- week run by Farringdon, Oxfordshire where 30% of the fields are organic.
5.  Tracy's photos had been used on the front of the Community Planning Newsletter.  Linda will send us copies of this.
6.  The pilot survey at Herne Junior school.  This had shown that the survey was easy to complet on the spot, and easy to understand.  The respondents were either parents or teachers at Herne school.  The school reported grass snakes in their grounds.  It wished to involve the children in the BAP.  Tracy is going to amend the survey form to ask if we can contact people about what they know.  Linda said that 14 Ariel was the best print to use for a survey.
 It was also important to indicate where the surveys had been carried out to identify the respondents.
7.  The display board at the Library has been booked for a week, starting on 27 July.  Tracy's photos will provide the main focus, together with a poster.  Surveys will be available for the public to complete.
8.  Peter Jones told us that the Festival of Young People was to be held on Wednesday 28 July.  No decision was taken on using this event to promote the BAP.
9.  Community Wildlife Big Lottery Fund was looking for projects to support.  Tracy and Jamie suggested a badger cam as there are badgers in Petersfield and this is very popular with the public.  Peter would look into a tie-in with Petersfield Cam.
10.  Jamie was still trying to contact DEFRA. and would use his contacts to do this.
11.  The next meeting will be held on 18 August at 1.30 at the Town Hall.